Website Wednesday

Today has been website wednesday !

I have been busy updating my portfolio with my branding , creative production , wedding stationery , publication and private commissions from over the past year. 

As we have started a new year, I have promised myself that I will post to my website and give it the love it deserves! So watch this space…  


Cabaret Noir

I am incredibly proud to show the photos of my most recent commission for Green Eye Productions to produce the branding and hand painted interior and exterior artwork for the fabulous Cabaret Noir at this years Isle of Wight Festival! Here are the original illustrations and creative production photos that show how Cabaret Noir went from concept to reality!

Bouncing Baby Boy!

After ‘Wedstival’ was sent to print, I then began working on a hand-drawn baby postcard to be sent by the proud parents on the arrival of little Kees! I was asked to incorporate elements of Holland and Bristol to create a keepsake and a more traditional way of introducing him to the family.. a wonderful commission to be part of!

Hand drawn bespoke postcard. Designed as keepsake and a more traditional way of introducing him to the family.

Hand drawn bespoke postcard.

Hand drawn bespoke postcard. Designed as keepsake and a more traditional way of introducing him to the family.

Hand drawn bespoke postcard.

In the heart of the Australian Outback

G’day possums!
I have finally been able to upload my most recent project for the incredible Arkaroola Wildreness Resort in the Flinders Ranges. During my time here in Australia I was lucky enough to discover Arkaroola – a 610sq km, multi award-winning Wilderness Sanctuary, run by the wonderful Sprigg family. It contains some of Australia’s most spectacular mountain views and offers numerous and highly accredited eco-tourism tours. A hidden gem home to over 160 species of birds and the illusive and endangered Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby.
I was commissioned to capture the portraits of Arkaroola’s eight most sighted birds, as a visual guide to be used in the visitor centre on site.

emu - katy roserainbow bee eaterZebra Finchwedge tail eagle - katy rosepallid cuckoo - katy rosePort Lincoln Parrot - Katy Rosemistletoe bird - katy rosewillie wagtail - katy rose

I loved every minute of my time there, an absolute must if you ever find yourself on a 12 hour coach ride through the Adelaide is worth every second!

Check out Arkaroola’s website for a closer look..

‘Your Badgers Need You!’

Introducing my latest collaboration with Island Eco-fashion brand Rapanui.. ‘Your Badgers Need You!

Your Badgers Need You Illustration - Katy Rose

I have designed a limited edition organic t-shirt to celebrate the work of the Badger Trust. They make up a key part of Team Badger, a coalition of groups who’ve been in the news recently for campaigning against the planned cull of Badgers in 2012, now postponed until 2013. All the money from the sales will go towards fundraising for the badger trust and to show our support and promote the #stopthecull petition, launched by Brian May.

Screen shot 2012-12-03 at 14.28.51
Head over to Rapanui to buy the tshirt and help us to raise money for the save the badger campaign.
For more information and to sign the petition head over to Team Badger.

Introducing Mr. Skirrel

Introducing Mr. Skirrel!

I’ve been wanting to draw a little tribute to our native red squirrels that thrive on the Isle of Wight. They are a constant source of amusement in my family since a rather unfortunate incident that I had with one of the critters when i was 2. The squirrel in question, leapt into my arms and  stole my ‘biddit’ (the Mcvities variety), to my distress. I would imagine that to anyone reading this, it is probably one of those, ‘you had to be there’ kind of stories but nevertheless these opportunists are constantly referred to and anything squirrel related is collected to make us smile. So here he is, my addition to the collection.